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I'm sorry, I took an unannounced hiatus recently. Appreciate your concerns but I need time to sort some things out. Won't be back for a long while. Thank you. 
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Another month has gone and a new one begins. We're coming closer to the end of the year; Let's make it count. 

Song: 'I Hope' by Rebecca Ferguson
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Hey guys, 

Thank you for the encouraging messages from the previous entry. I'm feeling better now. Anyway, forget about all that negativity. Let's have some Halloween month fun:
So, anyone have some cool spooky stories to share, personal experiences or from someone you know who told you about it? I love to hear them if you guys have any. :D

I've heard something whispered in my ear up close when I was 12, at 3AM so that was my memorable one, plus the one time in boarding school where I've encountered a couple of shadow figures there; and learned the hard way why we shouldn't play hide and seek in the dark... also the "praying shadows" in my old apartment at 4AM was a plus...when I was still working for an animation studio. Ah... hair-raising good times... 


"Praying Shadows"
The praying shadows was something I seen after a couple of strange occurrences in my previous rented apartment back in 2010. There is a believe that though Buddhist chants are good for preparation in meditation, or for ritualistic purposes; prolonged playing of the music can attract lost souls seeking peace. My former landlord had those power operated chanting radio that plays the music on loop. The radio was placed on the altar where the Quan Yin deity sat. At first all seems normal, until I felt an unusual presence of being watched every time i'm in my room. This went on for weeks, especially after sundown. I thought I was going paranoid until one night I was staying up till 4AM working on an illustration and needed a drink. I head out to the kitchen but on the way out, the living room lights were out and that was then I saw three or four shadow figures blacker than black standing where the dining table was facing the altar where the chanting song was played. Their heads were in bowing positions as if they were praying...

I immediately switched on the lights when I saw them, but no one or thing was there. I remember muttering to myself "so many of them..."
took my glass of water, and left the living room lights up and kept my table lights on till dawn when I went to bed. Told my landlord about the shadows, but sorta reassure him i might be tired or shit knows... but he turned off the radio afterwards. As for the presence in my room, the feeling is gone, after I obtained a Chinese paper amulet with a "Ghost Catcher" deity on it and stick above my landlord's apartment front entrance.

TL;DR chanting song attracted spirits, saw many shadows and had an amulet to prevent further spooky visitors. 
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don't worry, it's not what you may think I was thinking but it does sound like I'm going to think of that thought but not exactly despite the thoughts are very dark but non-life threatening, but it will make you ponder on what the hell am I thinking exactly in the first place. 
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