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Happy Halloween everybody. Stay safe and keep your skeletons warm in your flesh. 
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The end of another month... meh. 
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An art book in tribute to Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe and Japan's second most famous kaiju export!…

It's pretty last minute, but if any fans of Gamera out here wanna pledge for our Kickstarter campaign and get a copy of this zine, please do help us out! Spread the word! Save the universe from other kaijus. Godzilla fans are welcomed to. :D Just saiyan....

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How's everyone lately? Hope all's well. 

(goes back to work)

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Free worldwide shipping now through Sunday! 

That is all. Thank you. u v u

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Its time once more for me to clean some stuff out especially in the commissioned folder.

I'm just gonna select my personal favorite to keep and the rest will be 'tributes' to be removed; so owners of their commissioned artworks, I hope you all have a digital copy so you can re-post it into your own galleries respectively.

Removal time is unknown but soon.

Don't question my decision, I'm having an OCD to make my gallery neat and tidy. So leave it that be.

It could be worst, I could just clear everything when I feel less happy about it.

Other places will be covered as well.

Happy Hunger Games.
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I was a fan of Edd Gould's work back in 2008 and made my first fan art of his animated short, Zanta Claws II :thumb107328336:
We never met (well almost in Comic Con 2010... if I knew about it earlier), but he was a funny guy and that is deeply reflected in his animated shorts and comics.
My last artwork I did for him was a commissioned piece which my favourite Eddsworld fan art:  :thumb274133296:
This was perhaps the hardest for me to paint as there were many characters involved but I guess it paid off and he was happy with it and I think it was
a good gift as any that I could give to him.

It was devastating for me just to learn of his passing on 25th March this year. My condolences goes to his family and close friends. His legacy will live on with us, the fans.

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